1993-1995 Beijing Xicheng University of Economics and Technology / Beijing Business  College
 Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation 

2017-2019 Centre of Excellence

Work Experience

2004  -  Present  Beijing Sennon Technology Development Co., Ltd

Microbiology testing technology in public places.

2010  -  Present  Chongqing Renkang Hospital

A traditional Chinese medicine hospital for the treatment of tumors and common diseases. The hospital ’s scientific research team includes the Tu Youyou Scientific Research Group which won the Nobel Prize in Biology.

2015  -  Present  Founder and Lecturer of Lanmanbo classroom, Lanmanbo Studio. 

Lanmanbo classroom is an international professional classroom. The lecturer group consists of 13 lecturers, including professors from British Universities, winners of India National Award, independent writers, and TEDx speakers and scholars.


IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists)  Silver Member

CMA (Complementary Medicine Association)  Practitioner Members

Obtained BC Awards diploma regulated and assessed by British government and CPD academic qualification points including:

Tantra Diploma

Kundalini Yoga Diploma

Diploma in Physical Self Health Therapy

Diploma in Energy Physical Anatomy

Diploma in Gestalt Therapy Psychology

Diploma in Vegetarianism and Vegetarian Dietitian

蓝满钵-讲师 培训师

About me

I have studied Yoga system philosophy with my teacher since childhood. I have a strong interest in Indian philosophy and life science exploration and keep that until now. I have built the earliest Yoga website in China and continuously reported in COSMOPOLITAN a famous fashion magazine in China. During that period, I also participated in the non-governmental teaching exchange activities.

In the work of reproductive rehabilitation, Yoga and Tantra are widely praised for helping patients to cure sexual dysfunction, as well as helping Women and men to correct incorrect sexual behaviors and attitudes, and curing female sexual injuries.

In China, more than 200000 people have benefited from the lectures in Lanmanbo classroom.

The representative work "Tantra Profound Mystery of Perfect Women" has 70000 audiences in China's well-known podcast APP: Himalaya; 10 works such as "Modern Female Tantra, Releasing Orgasm", "Modern Male Tantra, Power in the Bedroom" and "Tantra Female YONI Massage" are deeply loved by the audience.

Representative work

《Tantra Profound Mystery of Perfect Women》
《Modern Female Tantra, Releasing Orgasm》 
《Modern Male Tantra, Power in the Bedroom》
《Tantra Female YONI Massage》 

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