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According to statistics, female sexual dysfunction is very high, some people believe that can account for 30 to 60 percent of adult women, among which sexual desire and orgasm disorder is the most common, some women may never enjoy orgasm in their life. SD auxiliary therapy is a combination of "medicine and mind cultivation", combining massage technology, biology, sex therapy, mind and body spiritual practice and modern medicine, bringing great physical and mental support for modern women, awakening women's self-awareness, love and acceptance of themselves. It is learning to give and receive, trust, intimacy, relaxation, pleasure, connection and joy.
What can a Yoni massage do for you?
Relax and relieve stress
Sleep better
Improves concentration and emotional health
Nourishing and invigorating
Enhance your sexual ability and help you achieve stronger orgasms
Awaken a lack of sensitivity in your sex life
Get rid of pain and discomfort during sex
Menstruation and menopause are healthier
Increases immunity, strength and endurance
Improve overall health
The course characteristic
16-120 hours of training
30 hours of on-site teaching (optional)
Submit 10 case studies for examination evaluation
Online learning support
The course plan takes approximately 1-3 months to complete
Who can learn?
Individuals, couples and practitioners over the age of 21


Our SD-assisted Therapist course is an internationally recognized training provider for holistic Medical Practitioners (IPHM), which qualifies our graduates to become IPHM certified therapists.
LMB is a training provider approved by the International Association of Complementary Therapists (CAM), which promotes public access to genuine training courses and recommends therapists who are safe to treat and of high quality and ethical standards.

Women's sexual health problems are widespread

Female sexual dysfunction and sexual arousal (AD) problems are most likely to affect aging and overall health, so it is common for women to worry about AD. It is characterized by decreased or absent hormones, vaginal lubrication, congestion of the genitals, and problems with genital sensitivity related to sexual activity. Female sexual arousal is the result of a complex interaction of multiple factors, including hormonal environmental, psychological, social and cultural influences in women, as well as neurological and cardiovascular health influences. Many factors interact, including vaginal dryness, decreased nerve conduction, and reduced blood flow to the genitals. Relationship problems, emotional worries and negative cues can also affect a woman's ability to be aroused. If a woman is exposed to a sexual stimulus deemed inappropriate or unwanted, the central nervous system has the ability to stop the process of sexual arousal triggered by genital stimulation, so the brain can actively engage in or stop the sexual experience.

Yoni massage therapy is the solution

I think the best cure is tailored to the specific problem. Promoting lifestyle changes that are helpful for improving general health, adequate sleep, encouraging healthy eating, exercise, quitting smoking, to promote a healthy life, and lead to improved libido and vaginal blood flow and sexual arousal. Studies have shown that artificial physical therapy can improve all areas of female sexual function index, including pelvic floor muscle training and a visit to a professional physical therapist for genital area and vaginal (YONI) massage, significantly improving vaginal pain and sexual experience in patients with arousal disorder. Yoni massage therapy began as an alternative therapy in the U.S. and Europe in the 1980s. Trained through professional medical institutions, yoni massage therapy is a vaginal massage therapy that combines massage techniques, biologics, sex therapy, psychotherapy, and modern medicine to awaken a woman's sense of self and improve her overall sexual dysfunction. Massage therapy provides a holistic approach that includes breathing control, relaxing warm-up, and vaginal massage. It creates new health patterns. Women's emotional, physical and psychological therapy can take place during massage to help balance emotions and avoid health problems that arise by reducing small blood vessel blockages and increasing blood flow to the sexual organs through vaginal reflexes. This therapy has great advantages in the adjuvant treatment of sexual dysfunction and greatly improves the satisfaction of treatment.
Only a minority of women's sexual problems stem from past trauma or psychological problems, in which case psychotherapy is appropriate. Most sexual problems are the negative effects of sexual methods. If you educate yourself about better sexual behavior and stop using harmful or ineffective methods, the problem will go away. This is a more effective sex therapy than looking for psychotherapy. Unfortunately, there's an assumption that all women feel good in a normal sex life, and if you don't, you have a problem. In fact, if you try to solve this problem by learning more about normal sexual behavior, including through traditional sex therapy, it may make things worse.
Even problems that can cause psychological problems, such as sexual anxiety or disgust and sexual behavior, usually don't mean you need therapy. Women may have a better remedy and help technique. Counseling and psychotherapy have dealt with their trauma, but right now women don't know how to create a positive and healthy sex life.

For more information

Many women are ashamed of their yoni and have negative, oppressive thoughts. A woman is empowered by the Yoni massage therapy to maintain a positive relationship with her Yoni. Due to social, sexual experiences, childbirth, cellular memories, and beliefs, a woman's Yoni produces a degree of negative and stagnant emotions, including frustration, guilt, shame, and disappointment. This accumulation of emotion can cause imbalances and manifest in a variety of health problems, including endometriosis, urinary tract infections, sensitivity and pain. Emotional, physical, and psychological healing can occur during the Yoni massage process. Past injuries can be released, and yoni massage has helped many women find emotional and physical balance, and helped them overcome health problems and avoid future related health problems by letting go of emotions. The blockage is released, the toxin is broken, and blood flow increases to the sex organs. Small blood vessels blocked, can be loosened and broken down; Deeper disputes can also be resolved by massage.
Yoni massage works at the level of healing, pleasure, and spirituality, while erotic massage focuses solely on the level of pleasure. Erotic massages are only intended to make the recipient (female) happy, but Yoni's massage goes further than that. It helps recipients heal, improve their sexual function, and their relationship with Yoni. It helps to overcome negative associations with sex and love your body more!
Course modules
What can be learned?
Understand the theory and philosophy behind Yoni
Learn to accept new knowledge. Learn to build trust
Massage techniques include: body and organ detoxification massages
Anatomy and radiology
The chakras theory
Emotion, trauma, and body protection theory
Learn to establish practices, marketing, health, safety and hygiene, work within legal boundaries, customer and self-care, customer consultation norms

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