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LMB Academy of Alternative Medicine has obtained international certification
About us
LMB  Academy of Alternative Medicine(LMB Class) is an internationally certified training institution (CMA, IAHT, AHHA). It is the leading and professional educator in the tantra Yoni massage therapy industry in China. We began to provide high-quality teaching and concise massage training online in English in 2014. The course focuses on the quality education of orthodox Tantric private massage theory and the practical application of private massage techniques, through which the study will produce a wealth of expertise and confidence in the skills of tantric YONi private massage therapists.

About the teacher
The founder of the course has nearly 10 years of experience as an international practitioner of Yoni massage therapist. His massage certification was recognized by the International Association of Therapists, and he presented a thesis at the annual conference of Reproductive Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese Medical Doctors Association (2020). The course plan is supported by the medical institutions hospitals.

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LMB is an institutional member of the AHHA American Holistic Health Association, certified by the CMA Complementary Medicine Association and the IAHT International Holistic Therapists Association. Our Yoni Private Massage Therapist course is CMA, IAHT certified and meets practitioner training standards, making our graduates eligible to become internationally certified SD therapists.
Yoni Private Massage Therapist and Trainer Certificate course

Start your career in massage services with a valuable international diploma!

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Qualified therapists are welcome to be our partners, we accept client consultation and booking, provide relaxing and therapeutic yoni private massage and therapy.

Hospital Training Certificate

Obtain certificate of hospital education
The international certificate
A complete course manual
30 to 60 days of class
Location: Chongqing Bishan Renkang Hospitalv
¥ 14000 yuan
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Online Certificate training

The international certificate
A complete course manual
Online free time
Offline 4-7 days of classes
Location: Part of online and studio

If you wish to obtain a certificate, you must submit a case report

¥ 8000 yuan
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Short online courses

Audio courses and files
Free time
Time 1-3 hours

¥ 500 The lowest price

LMB is part of the Training Department of Chongqing Bishan Renkang Hospital.